Almost There

by CAPT. JOHN 20. May 2010 13:24
Last Wednesday was the crew school practice race,  We ended up using Cyclone as the RC boat then we chased after the fleet.  The boat sails well and looks like we are well in tune.  We did well on the first leg but the wind was dying fast so we headed in to the club.  Thanks to Brendon, Michelle and Jim J, head instructor from Crew School for helping out.

First race is this Sunday.  Boat call is 11:00 AM but I'll be down at the boat early to get the electronics hooked up and a few other things,  I could use a hand or two, let me know if you can come early.  Newbies let me know your availability via email.



Yes It Floats

by CAPT. JOHN 14. May 2010 15:20

Cyclone is floating comfortably in her slip.  The river trip was the fastest one yet, we were back in the harbor by 11:30 and had the mast up and most of the boat rigged by 3:00.  Thanks to Andy, Danny, Marcin Nancy, Gail, Bruce and Louie for making the river trip and helping at the harbor and Spiderman Brendon, Michelle, and Newbie Mark for helping out at the harbor.  Pictures are on Facebook and will be on the website soon.