by CAPT. JOHN 28. April 2011 22:13

This last weekend we got the boat washed, made progress on the bobstay and got the engine coupler work done. Thanks to NavBob, Wally, and JohnF.  Next week is hopefully the wax job, remaining deck and engine work and get the new floor installed.  Trying to find a launch date,  I called the boat yard to find a date The conversation went like this....

Boatyard: Hello this is the boatyard

Me: I am trying to figure out a date when I can launch my boat, it's blocked in pretty good.

Boatyard: It can go in any time, just let us know.

Me: Are you sure? I am in the back of the building

Boatyard: Let me check, (long pause) Oh you are in the back. 

Me: Any ideas?

Boatyard: I'll have to check with the yard boys
I'll keep you posted but I am hoping for the first weekend in May...



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