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by CAPT. JOHN 22. February 2011 10:22
Ahoy and welcome to the new Cyclone J92 website.  With this new site we should be able to post more timely blogs, photos should be up faster, mobile devices will be supported, and tall buildings will be able to be leapt in a single bound.  Best of all you can comment on my miscellaneous ramblings with your own insanity (within limits).  Special thanks to our Webmaster, JohnF for making this possible.




2/25/2011 7:23:36 PM #

See even the comments work

CJ United States |

2/25/2011 11:18:25 PM #

Looking good, John M. and John F. thanks for setting up! Looking forward to keeping up with Cyclone. Save a spot for me when I visit! Nora

nora h United States |

2/25/2011 11:19:28 PM #

And I love the Friends link on the side!

nora h United States |

2/27/2011 8:47:33 AM #

Great web page John(s)!

nancyk United States |

2/28/2011 1:13:05 PM #

Thanks Nora and Nancy. It should be a much more usable site for Capt. John. (Or Capitan Jacque, Coureur des Lacs, as they call him in Quebec.)

John Frendreiss United States |

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