Cyclone Update

by CAPT. JOHN 9. June 2010 16:32
Saturday was a great day, weather was threatening but storms held off, wind was a nice 8-15kts and the team work was great. It all came together and we were the second boat across the line very close to Y-Not and after the handicapping was done we corrected to first, our first win of the season. Thanks to Navbob, Brendon, NancyS, Mancin and Wally.

Sunday was another story threatening weather with lots of puffy storms, worst case we got drizzled on while 1-2 miles away they got drenched. Wind was highly variable ranging from 0- 20kts. We ended up sailing into and around the boats in the Colors regatta. After rounding SE2 the wind died leaving us sitting on the water, it filled in but only after forty five frustrating minutes of watching the front three boats sail away. Once the wind filled in and we got going we managed to finish after 4PM Arrg! Despite some good team work with lots of spinnaker hoists and douses we came in 5th.

Thanks to Brendon, Michelle and Marcin. We are now in 3rd place for the weekend series.


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